How long does the everyBODY program take?The everyBODY program runs for 12 months.  For the first 3 months, participants will attend weekly individual and group sessions run by our caring health professional team. There will be additional support for a following 3 months to help maintain the positive changes made and a final follow-up visit at 12 months
Will there be any costs for participation?As the everyBODY program is run under a Rotary Australia funded grant there is no cost associated with participation.
How can I park?There is limited parking at the University of Sydney.  We do encourage environmentally friendly ways of getting to CPC, however, if you wish to park one of the friendly clinicians can guide you on this.
How will I know if I am eligible?By completing the "Am I Eligible" questionnaire you will find out if you are eligible or not.  Afterwards one of the friendly team will then be in contact with you to discuss the process moving forward.
What support will I be provided with?You will have support from both a friendly dietitian and clinical psychologist.  This support is provided via group and individual sessions, sms messages and via telephone conversations.
How many people will be in the group sessions?The group sessions will have a maximum of 12 women per group.
When and where will the group sessions be held?The group sessions will be help at Charles Perkins Centre. The timing of group sessions will be flexible and will work around availability of participants. We anticipate that early evening time slots would be most convenient for young women.
Can I withdraw at any time?Participation in the program is voluntary. It is completely up to you whether or not you participate. If you wish to withdraw from the study once it has started, you can do so at any time without giving reason.
Do I have to exercise?Throughout the program you may be provided with advice to help you move more and sit less.  The researcher will work with you to either help increase your incidental exercise (e.g. using the stairs over the escalator) or help you find enjoyable exercise that fits into your lifestyle.  You will never be forced to undergo exercise, however, exercise is beneficial for both physical and mental wellbeing and therefore could help you reach your health goals.
Will I have to follow a meal plan?During your nutrition sessions the dietitian will provide you with an individualised advise and nutrition education to help you achieve your health goals. You will be provided a meal plan as a general guideline to provide meal and snack ideas. You will not be asked to eliminate any foods or food groups, but be guided to include more nourishing foods into your diet.
What will be asked of me?

You will be required to attend weekly group and individual sessions for the first 3 months, with a follow up session at 3, 6 and 12 months.   Over the course of the study you will undergo a number of assessments at 4 time points (beginning of the study at week 12, 26 and 52).  These assessments include taking measurements of your:

  • Weight and height
  • Waist circumference
  • Body composition by a method called Bio-electrical Impedance. This involves passing a small current though the body which you will not feel.


This measure only takes a few seconds. Prior to this test you will need to fast (no food or drink) for 4 hours.

  • Diet intake information via a questionnaire
  • Psychological and behavioural measures via a number of questionnaires


You may be encouraged to monitor and record your eating and thoughts at various stages of the program, and you may be weighed at each face to face session.  At the end of the study we will also ask for your feedback on the value of the program.

How long do the group sessions go for?

The group sessions will generally go for around 90 minutes and individual and phone sessions will run anywhere from 15-60 minutes.

Will the other participants be the same age as me?

We are looking to include women of the age 18-25 years old for this study.  Therefore, all participants will be around a similar age group. 

If I have concerns with the study who can I contact?

If you are concerned or worried with the study you are welcome to contact Lindsey Thurlby on 0404 112 517 or lindsey.thurlby@sydney.edu.au or A/Prof Helen O’Connor on 02 9351 9625 to discuss these concerns.  

Additionally, this study has been approved by the Ethics Review Committee (RPAH Zone) of the Sydney Local Health District.  Any person with concerns or complaints about the conduct of this study should contact the Executive Officer on 02 9515 6766 and quote protocol number X16-0215