everyBODY Program

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the everyBODY program.  If you are considering whether or not you wish to participate in this program or want to learn more about our clinicians and research please read the information below:


Our Mission:

We are committed to empowering young women to lead healthy and enjoyable lives, by fuelling their body with nutritious food, moving more and sitting less and importantly believing in themselves.


What is the everyBODY Program?

The everyBODY program has been designed by leading clinicians and researchers and has been tailored especially for young women to help them achieve and then maintain a healthy lifestyle and body weight.  The program will be delivered as part of a research study which aims to determine which features of the program work best for young women.


The benefits of the study?

Participants will benefit from the consultations and workshops with our caring dietitian and clinical psychologist.  Participants will learn new skills and knowledge about how to live a healthy lifestyle and manage their weight.


What's involved in the everyBODY program?

  • Weekly support (a combination of individual and group) for 3 months
  • Two follow up sessions over the next 3 months to help maintain the positive changes you have made.
  • A follow up, check-up at 12 months



Your participation will be confidential to the research team.  Any identifiable information collected about you in connection to this study will remain confidential.


Our Research Team

  • The study is being conducted by the following researchers associated with The University of Sydney:
  • A/Prof Helen O’Connor (everyBODY Chief Investigator, Clinical and Research Dietitian)
  • Ms Isabel Young (everyBODY study Dietitian)
  • Dr Natalie Crino (everyBODY Clinical Psychologist)
  • Dr Helen Parker (everyBODY Dietitian & Exercise Scientist)
  • Prof Katharine Steinbeck (everyBODY Medical Specialist Endocrinologist)
  • A/Prof Elizabeth Rieger (everyBODY Research Psychologist)
  • Prof Susan Paxton (everyBODY ResearchClinical Psychologist)


For more information about the everyBODY research please go to Our Team page


Am I Eligible?

Please go to our Am I Eligible page to find out whether you are eligible to participate.


If you would like to learn more or speak to one of the friendly members of the research team please fill out the contacts form found on the contacts page. 


Or, alternatively, contact Isabel Young on 0404 112 517 or isabel.young@sydney.edu.au or A/Prof Helen O’Connor on 02 9351 9625 to discuss your queries.